Actionline is looking for executives for the IT department of a large energy corporation.

Specifically, we are looking to recruit:

Java Developers

The suitable Java Developer should have:

  • At least 3 years of professional experience in the development of Web applications with JAVA/
  • EE Java.
  • Very good knowledge of JAVA, and the principles of OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
  • Knowledge of using JPA (Eclipselink or Hibernate)
  • Experience developing web applications with Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3
  • Knowledge of Maven build tool
  • Knowledge of using git
  • Experience in using a Web Framework (preferably ZK RIA Framework) or equivalent, or
  • knowledge of Spring, or React or Angular
  • Flexibility to use Linux operating system as an operating system for Development
  • Experience in using SQL in databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, Oracle)
  • Relevant experience in developing Web Services (Stub / Skeletons) in SOAP and REST
  • Basic knowledge of using docker containers is desirable

Java Developer:
Either as a member of an application development team or independently, you will develop Java applications (mainly Web applications), using common development tools and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Rest Services or SOAP, Servlets and Filters, as well as using the Web RIA
Framework ZK.

The candidate, even if there is a devOps team, should have the ability to create the necessary development environment, and the basic knowledge to use application servers such as (TomEE, Tomcat, Glassfish, Wildfly).

In addition, he should design or intervene in the design of databases for the applications he develops
mainly in MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL.

After the collection and evaluation of the CVs, ACTIONLINE's Human Resources Department will contact the candidates who meet the requirements of the position to be filled.

All applications are considered strictly confidential.
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