Actionline is currently seeking on behalf of its client a multinational construction company  for a Structure Site Engineer for one of the greatest urban regeneration projects in Europe.

The purpose of this role iscrucial in ensuring the integrity, safety, and compliance of structural elements from planning and design to construction and completion. Tasked with designing, analyzing, overseeing, and validating the various structural components of the project, this role is pivotal to the overall safety, strength, and durability from initial design to final implementation.

The position is based in Athens, Greece, and reports to [ Production Manager ].

Key tasks and responsibilities of this role include:

Under the guidance of the (Production Manager) he will provide supporting services to the following:

  • Structure Overview: oversight of the construction of structural elements to ensure they are in line with the final approved structural drawings and specifications.
  • Design Field Change Requirements: Working closely with the structural design team to validate and adapt structural plans as required, ensuring they are both feasible and effective when executed on site or proposing variations or replacements thereof.
  • Safety Compliance: Ensuring that all structural work adheres to safety protocols and regulatory standards, minimizing potential hazards according to the design regulations that were followed.
  • On site Testing / Quality Assurance. Request on-site tests to assess the quality and integrity of constructed structures, ensuring they meet both design and safety standards. Regularly inspecting construction materials, ensuring they meet the project’s structural requirements and quality standards.
  • Stakeholder Engagement / Collaboration: Communicating effectively with both internal teams, construction crews and external stakeholders, providing updates on structural progress and addressing any concerns.
  • Documentation / Reporting: Maintaining rigorous recording.
  • Problem Solving: Proactively identifying potential structural challenges and devising effective solutions to address them in a timely manner and following structural designer’s requirements.
  • Continuous Learning: Staying abreast of advancements in structural engineering, materials, and construction methodologies, applying this knowledge to the project as appropriate.

Professional experience & qualifications of a successful candidate:

  • Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering.
  • 5+years of experience as a Structural Engineer, focused on building projects.
  • Track record of completion of projects.
  • Knowledge of Greek structural regulations.
  • Proficiency in engineering software tools, such as AutoCAD. Revit is a plus.
  • Experience in structural design analysis is considered a plus.

Core Skills of a successful candidate:

  • Excellent mathematical and analytical skills,
  • Communication skills,
  • Attention to detail,
  • Commitment to structural integrity,
  • Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team,
  • Problem Solving,
  • Being proactive and adaptive when facing challenges.


  • Competitive Contract depending on the seniority of the candidate.
  • Private Insurance, Mobile (unlimited data/calls), Laptop.
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